Types of Diamonds

Types of DiamondsDiamonds are classified in many different ways. Color, carat, and cut, are all ways in which diamonds can be grouped and are often thought of as a type of diamond. However, there are actual classifications for the type of a diamond. The type of diamond is determined by what elements the diamond is made of. Below you can read more about the different types of diamonds and why they are classified by each type.

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Type 1a Diamonds

This diamond type is the most common and is what you will find in many engagement rings and other types of jewelry. 98% of diamonds are Type 1a and it is likely to be the clear color that most of know diamonds for. These types of diamonds have .3% nitrogen, which causes impurities within the diamonds. The impurity comes from the nitrogen absorbing a different color spectrum, which makes the diamond appear a slightly different color.

Type 1b Diamonds

Type 1b diamonds are much more rare than Type 1a, sometimes leading to a higher demand and price. By containing up to .05% nitrogen, it has less than the Type1a but it is spread throughout the diamond. This will lead to an even more drastic color, with many of these diamonds appearing brown, yellow or orange.

Type 2a Diamonds

The most transparent diamond is the Type 2a. It has almost no impurities which leads to the colorlessness. The make up only 1-2% of natural diamonds and imperfections can still occur in these diamonds through different pressure that is applied on them throughout the extrusion process.

Type 2b Diamonds

Type 2b diamonds are very similar to Type 2a diamonds and contain little purities. Type 2b purities come from boron impurities that cause it to absorb different colors of light. They are more rare than Type2a diamond as they make up about .1% of all natural diamonds making them one of the rarest natural diamonds and very valuable.

These are the most common types of diamonds and why they are classified as such. The diamond buyers on our website will purchase any of these types of diamonds and will give you an excellent payout. Check out our diamond buyer reviews if you have any interest in selling diamonds online.