How To Sell Diamonds For Cash

Selling Diamonds For CashSelling diamonds for cash online is going to be the best way for you to earn the most money. Cash for diamond companies are experienced in their field and will give you accurate valuations on your diamonds and jewelry. While some people are weary of selling diamonds for cash online, these diamond buyers would not be able to remain in business for as long as they have if they did not provide their customers with quality service. Despite each online diamond buyer offering different features in their service, they all follow the same basic process for selling diamonds for cash.

GuaranteeYear In
Instant QuoteShipping Method
#1Diamond Buyers Intl.$5,000A+30 Days11 YearsYesFedEx
#2WP DiamondsActual ValueA+None4 YearsNoFedEx

How To Sell Diamonds For Cash Online

1. Find A Diamond Buyer
A couple of our top diamond buyers are listed above and they are highly recommended by our website and have been known to offer high valuations along with great service. If you are interested in selling diamonds for cash, then you should still research the diamond buyer that you will be working with. Each person will most likely just want to earn the most cash for diamonds, but there are still other factors that may be more important to some sellers. Some of these things include insurance coverage and return policies. Depending on whether or not you are completely sold on selling your diamonds for cash, you may want to look into each diamond buyer’s return policy. Consider what you would like most out of your transaction, such as a quick turnaround time, and find a diamond buyer that will work best for you.

2.Request A Shipping Label
Now that you have found a diamond buyer, the next step to selling diamonds for cash is to request a shipping label from the diamond buyer. Generally all that is required for you to receive a shipping label is that you fill out a form with basic information on your items. The shipping label can then either be mailed to your home or printed instantly if you would like to get the transaction done as soon as possible.

3. Ship Diamonds and Receive Payment
Package your diamonds and jewelry carefully in a box or envelope to ensure that they will not be damaged during travel. Many diamond buyers use FedEx for their shipping service and this usually allows them to receive your diamonds within three business days. From there, your diamonds will be valuated and their offer will be presented to you through email or a phone call. Now you have the option to either accept or deny the valuation. Accepted valuations can be paid through a check delvired in the mail or transferred into a bank account of your choice. Depending on the diamond buyers return policy, you usually have a certain amount of days to decline an offer and then have your diamonds shipped back at their expense.

Selling diamonds for cash is an excellent opportunity for those with unwanted diamonds. Many people do not sell diamonds because they hear from others about the low prices that local jewelers and pawnshops offered them. Selling cash for diamonds online is a much better option than those because of the expertise that online diamond buyers have.