Top 6 Most Popular Diamond Colors

Diamonds are more than a girl’s best friend. They are beautiful gems that come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. That’s right, colors. Diamonds are highly versatile and can match any person’s individual style. Most people are attracted to color diamonds for their beautiful hues and their rarity. They can be quite expensive, however. Usually, the rarer the diamond the more expensive it is, but that does not deter people from admiring or purchasing them. Here are the top 6 most popular diamond colors.

1.   Colorless Diamond

Colorless Diamonds are the most popular and classic among the colors. It is the purest form of the diamond, and it has been worn by celebrities and royalty, adorning engagement rings, crowns, and other pieces of jewelry.

Colorless diamonds

2.   Cognac Diamonds

Cognac Diamonds are popular for the rich brown and golden color and their resemblance to the luxury drink, hence the name. These diamonds can be found in the Argyle mine in Western Australia.

cognac diamonds

3.   Champagne Diamonds

Champagne Diamonds are a deeper brownish color and belong to the same color spectrum of diamonds as Cognac Diamonds. They can be found in the same mines as the Cognac Diamond, such as the Argyle mine. The most famous piece among Champagne Diamonds is the Golden Pelican. The Golden Pelican is a rectangular emerald-cut diamond placed in a 14kt Gold band and was once owned by Baron Corso de Palenzuela con Habsburg and was later auctioned off in the 1970s.


4.   Koi

The Koi Diamond has over 32 carats and is certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). It has a variety of colors including white, orange, yellow, dark blue, and black. The diamond is famous in Eastern Asia, especially China, for their color and resemblance of the koi fish, which has great significance and legend in that area.

koi diamonds

5.   Blue Diamonds

Blue Diamonds are highly popular because of the many hues and intensities that it has. From light blue to greenish blue colors, you will also find this diamond in many shapes and cuts. These diamonds can be found in mines located in Africa, India, and Australia. One of the most famous blue diamonds is the Hope Diamond. The Hope Diamond, which is currently on exhibit at the National Museum of Natural History in Washington, was owned by numerous people including King Louis XIV. It has been rumored to bring misfortune to its owners and wearers.

blue diamonds

6.   Gray

Gray Diamonds are mostly popular for their rarity and their price range being on the lower end despite their rarity. Many people have favored gray diamonds for their engagement rings because of their rarity and price. They are often found in circular, oval, cushion cut, and pear shape. The color of the gray diamond can be described as a colorless diamond with a metallic tint. You can find other color combinations of gray diamonds such as gray yellow or gray violet.

grey diamonds

They are many more popular colors and hues of diamonds, and unfortunately we couldn’t include all of them. It is a shame since the beauty and uniqueness of these color diamonds are a sight to behold and highly special to own.