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Overview: Key Company Information

WP Diamond’s business information is in the table below. After being in business for 4 years now, they have established a good reputation and maintained a professional website, while helping consumers understand the diamond selling process.  They have business presences both in the US and Europe.

BBB Rating: An A+ BBB rating is very good for a company in business for 4 years. They
have no unresolved issues, and no complaints have even been filed about working with

Company NameInsuranceBBB RatingGuaranteeYear in BusinessInstant QuoteShipping Method
2WP DiamondsActual ValueA+None4 YrsYesFedEx

Requesting a Pack

WPprocessWP Diamonds has a unique way of providing quotes and receiving your diamonds than most of their competitors. They don’t offer to give you a prepaid envelope or assist you in shipping the diamonds until you have provided them with more information about your product and been given an initial valuation. While this is different than other organizations, it is done with good reason. By having customers receive a quote beforehand, WP Diamonds is able to provide an accurate insurance value for the item. WP Diamonds wants to provide their customers with the best experience when selling diamonds online and their thorough process reflects that.

Also, diamonds are an expensive item and customers are concerned about their items, both going through the mail and entrusting them in the hands of strangers. WP Diamond’s process allows for sellers to feel more comfortable sending in diamonds because of the interaction between the two parties. Rather than receiving a box and sending your valuables away with no contact with the organization, sellers will have been in contact with WP Diamonds prior to mailing in items. This gives many people a better sense of security and allows sellers to feel more comfortable when selling diamonds online.

Once the valuation has been received, sellers are then provided with free shipping and free insurance via FedEx to send in to the facilities.

You can see their process displayed to the right, as well as in the video below.








Instant Quote

The form that WP Diamonds uses for their quote is very detailed and requires a good amount of information on the product. There are many factors that will determine the value of diamonds and the more information that WP Diamonds is able to receive, the more accurate valuation they can give. The provided detailed information will result in a smoother transaction overall and will require less returns to customers who are unhappy with the final valuation. WP Diamonds does not want to be an organization that looks to attract customers with higher valuations and make it hard for customers to receive their items back when they are disappointed with a much lower final valuation.

That being said, you do really need to play by these rules.  If you’re looking for a quick easy transaction, they will hold you back a bit.  When we contacted them trying to get a quote based on some limited information, they couldn’t give us one.  The reasoning again was described above, but if you’re looking to just get a pack and send the diamonds in to see what you can get, it won’t be quite that easy.

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There doesn’t seem to be any guarantee on their purchases because you have to approve the payment before they conclude the transaction. Make sure you really want to sell your gold and diamonds and are happy with the offer before approving the payment and saying goodbye forever.  With their detailed process of valuation and interaction with their customers, it’s easy and straightforward to understand your offer and make the right decision for you based on the valuation.  They’ll step you through the process and make sure you’re very satisfied.

They were with a number of professional organizations, and take pride in their ability to guide and inform consumers through the process, concluding the transaction when everyone is happy.

WP site

WP Diamonds has updated their website recently. We were fans of their previous site due to its professional appeal and this site continues to impress. The design is clean and the information is organized, making it easy to find what you’re looking for. You can also find more about their process and what else to expect so there is no mystery when it comes to working with them.

Their website is the most informative when it comes to diamond education.  If you are considering working with this company, be sure to navigate through their website to become more knowledgeable on their process and know exactly what to expect when selling your diamonds. While it is a good idea to gain knowledge about diamonds and the process beforehand, WP Diamonds is more than willing to assist customers who may not be as familiar with these transactions.

Our Recommendation

If you know exactly what kind of diamonds you have, we would certainly recommend getting a quote from WP Diamonds. They have a very professional approach, and if you provide accurate information, they should be able to provide you with a fairly accurate quote. If you are not exactly sure what you have, then the process can be slowed but they will be willing to offer help and step you through the valuation process. Overall , we’d give this company 4/5 Diamonds and would recommend them as an online diamond buyer!

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