Company NameInsuranceBBB RatingGuaranteeYear in BusinessCustomer ReviewsInstant QuoteShipping Method
5sell diamonds$0NoneNone25 YrsYesNone

Key Company Information:

BBB Rating:
Sell-Diamonds is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau and therefore has no ranking.  We can’t find information about them being associated with a parent company, and the “Who are you” link on their website broken.

Requesting a Pack: does not ship your diamonds for free and also does not offer any insurance for your valuables. On their website they do recommend you use USPS registered mail but do not provide a link or label.

Instant Quote:

On its website, Sell-Diamonds claims to value your diamond within five minutes. When we used our average diamond information, it took a little less than two hours for us to get a response. Sell-Diamonds gave our average diamond the highest blind quote at 3-5k. To us this seemed like an unrealistic valuation with an extremely large range and makes us question the accuracy of their instant quote.


Unfortunately, we did not find a guarantee period for you to accept or reject the payment offered. Most other diamond buyers offer customers the chance to get their valuables back, but we did not find any sort this with


The website has several grammatical errors and many links do not work. Its reviews page is cluttered and does not link to the actual review on Google, Yahoo or insiderpages. The numerous sidebar testimonials and gemologist rankings are suspicious and cheap.

Our Recommendation:

We did award a rating of 3/5 diamonds for its high value of our diamond. Unfortunately, we could not rate it any higher than that due to a poor website, no accreditation with BBB, no free packaging and no guarantee. When comparing the provided features and process to the competing diamond buyers, placed 5th out of 5 in our rankings.

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