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Overview: Key Company Information

Below is the summary of Cash for Diamonds USA. They have multiple websites (for silver, gold, diamonds, etc) and have been in the industry for quite some time. Despite their experience, they do not have a BBB accreditation, a very short guarantee, and no option for an instant quote.

BBB Rating: They are not currently accredited with the Better Business Bureau. CJ Environmental, Inc, which appears to be their parent company, has 62 complaints in the past 3 years, primarily regarding Advertising/Sales issues and Problems with the Product/Service.

Company NameInsuranceBBB RatingGuaranteeYear in BusinessInstant QuoteShipping Method
4cash for diamonds usaNoneA+14 Days37 YrsNoFedEx

Requesting a Pack does not offer to mail you a pack, so you will need to make a trip to the post office. They do, however, provide a free FedEx label for you to print out. Their website also offers insurance for its packages up to $5,000.

Instant Quote

Unfortunately, does not offer a quote for diamonds before you send them in. Competitors can still over value their quotes to bring in business (diamonds can be tricky to evaluate), so Cash for Diamonds USA may rather provide customers with a more accurate valuation later in the process.

Guarantee gives a shorter window of time to return payment than its competitors. It only accepts a payment denial up to 10 business days after payment is sent. After this period the exchange is permanent. They do not allow online offers to accept or deny the payment either – if you decide to deny the amount, you must ship the check back extremely quickly in order to save your valuables. This is probably not the kind of “guarantee” you’d like when dealing with valuables but it does offer some security.


Although the site looks busy and crowded, it is relatively easy to navigate. It is clear how to request a FedEx label for shipping. Also, the site offers a “live chat” option that can quickly answer most of your generic questions while any specific questions direct you to their customer service hotline.

We also love the opportunity to recommend a friend to and receive a commission for the referral. offers 10% of the value of each referral’s property.

Our Recommendation

Without a BBB rating or blind quote option we are hesitant to place them higher in our ranks. also offers a short window to return payment if the diamond value is unsatisfactory. Although does offer neat features like live chat, referral incentives, a lot of experience, and Spanish speaking options, the complaints and lack of positive reviews means we need to rank them 4th out of the 5 companies we reviewed.

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