About Us

The need for Top5CashforDiamonds.com was established when our team completed a case study revealing a massive difference in the payouts of what different companies were giving to people for their diamonds. When discussing personal testimonials with several of these individuals, we quickly began to recognize a need for such a review site. Many of these people were selling diamonds and jewelry that had been in their family for generations, or had some real sentimental value to the family but when faced with tough circumstances were forced to sell those diamonds. To think that many of those people did not receive a fair value for those items is what really got our team working to create what we feel could be a very valuable resource for those who decide to use it.

Our goal is to evaluate the operating practices of each of these companies, report the amount they typically pay and the quality of their service, and make this information available to consumers so they have the ability to make informed decisions when it comes to sell their diamonds online. In addition to our own research, we are hoping to add even more valuable resources in the shape of our user reviews and testimonials for each of these companies.

We would like to just say that companies do pay more or less based on the fluctuation of the price of diamonds. If someone offers to pay more than what is listed on our website, it could be due to an increase in the price of diamonds. We hope that the figures displayed on our website represent relative payouts, and we will do our best to stay current with the ever-changing price of diamonds. While it is important for each potential seller to have an idea of the exact price that they will receive for their diamonds, our primary goal in creating this resource is to show consumers which of these diamond buyers have the best overall quality in every aspect of their business.

Thanks for visiting, and please contact us if you have any comments or questions!