8 Times Diamonds Are the Perfect Gift

Choosing a gift or token of affection for a love one is always hard. We want the gift to be perfect and to show how much we actually care during those special occasions. Luckily for most of us, there are diamonds. Diamonds are a classic gift and everyone’s best friend. Gifting diamonds may not be right for all occasions, but they are for most. Here are 8 times when diamonds are the perfect gift.


Engagements are one of the best occasions to gift a diamond as a symbol of eternal devotion. You won’t have a hard time finding a diamond engagement ring at any jewelry store. When visiting a store, you will see the many diamond shapes and cuts that are available, as well as tons of ring styles. You will see all sorts of designs and arrangements that will catch any eye when your future bride proudly wears her new ring. Is your future bride more subtle than flashy? No worries. There are plenty of engagement rings that have a simple arrangement but still beautiful to the eye of the beholder. Here are some gorgeous rings from Zales to get some ideas flowing.

Diamond Engagement RingSolitaire Diamond RingThinking of proposing to him? It’s 2016 – we respect it! Propose to him with a beautiful, masculine diamond ring like this one from Titanium Style. Or, just make it his actual wedding ring.

Titanium Diamond Men's Wedding Ring

Renewing of Vows

Many people have gotten married when they could not afford a diamond, or decided to go the nontraditional route and buy an engagement ring with a different stone. Many couples who decide to renew their vows also buy a new wedding ring to further signify renewal. This time around, you may want to give your bride the diamond she deserved when you first got married, or maybe you and your bride have decided to go the more traditional route this time around. Regardless of the reason, a diamond ring will help bring in a new beginning for you and your spouse.

New Baby

If you have not heard already, there is a new gifting trend for expecting mothers, called the push gift.  The push gift is a way of commemorating the new addition to the family or a way to identify the love and sacrifice the mother has displayed during the pregnancy period. What was once a gifting measure taken by the father is now being taken upon by mothers and mother-in laws, siblings, friends, etc. A diamond push gift could be a ring, stud earrings, a bracelet or a necklace. Regardless of what form of jewelry you choose, the new mother will greatly appreciate it. Here are some great choices for diamond push gift ideas.

Diamond Anklet for Baby New Baby Diamond Necklace New Baby Diamond Ring


Graduation marks a new beginning for your favorite grad. New diamond earrings, a watch, necklace, or whatever you chose will be greatly cherished by your grad. They can wear them with pride during their college years or maybe their first post-college job. Subtle diamond cufflinks or necklace will be great for a male grad. Something to wear to formal occasions or to a formal interview. Check out these graduation gifts from Kay Jewelers.

Personalized Engagement Gift Dogtag Necklace for Graduation Graduation Gift


Diamonds are great gifts for birthdays as well. Did you know that diamonds are the birthstone for the month of April? Gift your April baby with a piece of jewelry as a reminder of one of the greatest days of your life. Even if your loved one is not born in the month of April, he or she will love the thoughtfulness and the affection represented by the gift. You can gift a diamond tiara for your little lady’s quinceañeraor sweet sixteen or gift your wife those diamond earring she has been secretly eyeing for a while. Browse through Tiffany & Co’s birthday gift ideas for inspiration. If you are planning to sell old diamonds you already have just so you can get some cash and buy a beautiful diamond gift for your loved ones, you can find a good buyer here.

Diamond Birthday Gift Diamond Earrings Diamond Watch

First Pair of Earrings

The first piercing can be a scary moment, and it can signify that your little one is growing up.  Diamond stud earrings can be a great first piece of jewelry.  It can help show your love for them, and it can be something that they can pass down to future generations.  Check out these beautiful studs from Macy’s.

First Diamond Earrings Diamond Earring Studs

Anniversaries and Special Holidays

Anniversaries are a special and perfect occasion for diamonds. They represent the milestones of your relationship and are a reminder of the day where you professed your love to the world and said “I do”. If you are unable to find a gift that can express your love and devotion anywhere else, diamonds may be what you’re looking for. They are classic symbols of love that will last forever. Did you know that the 10th, 30th, 60th, 75th, and 80th anniversary are all diamond anniversaries?

Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, or bringing in the New Year, diamonds are great gifts for all special holiday occasions. You can gift your sweetheart a diamond heart pendant to show her that she is your one and only valentine. You can gift the mother of your children a diamond bracelet to show appreciation for the best wife and mother you know. You can gift diamond earrings, which are perfect to wear during the winter season.

Diamond Jewelry

Just to Say I Love You

Diamonds are perfect for any day you just want to say I love you. Surprise her with a diamond necklace on date night, or surprise him with diamond cufflinks for a big event.

The great thing about diamonds is that they come in every shape and color you can imagine, and you can always find one to fit the personality and style of your loved one. Diamonds are not just for flash and fashion, they can be tokens of affection that will last forever. They are for the old and young, the subtle and the flashy, for men and women. Whether it’s a birthday, graduation day, anniversary, or just a day when you just want to say I love you, diamonds are versatile pieces that anyone can enjoy.

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