How To Find The Best Diamond Buyer

How To Find The Best Diamond BuyersSelling diamonds online is becoming more and more popular as people are beginning to realize the benefits that online diamond buyers can provide over the competition. Pawnshops and jewelers are often times the most common place people go to sell jewelry, but this also leaves many frustrated and unsatisfied with the generally lower than expected payout. Online diamond buyers retain their customers because they are able to offer more money. While most diamond buyers use a similar process, the unique things that they can provide allow them to stand out from each other. Read below to learn how to find the best diamond buyer for you.

GuaranteeYear In
Instant QuoteShipping Method
#1Diamond Buyers Intl.$5,000A+30 Days11 YearsYesFedEx
#2WP DiamondsActual ValueA+None4 YearsNoFedEx

The first step toward finding the best diamond buyer for yourself would be to figure out what you are looking for out of the service. If you are hesitant about selling your jewelry, find a buyer with a return policy. If you need the money quickly, then look for the one with the fastest turnaround time. There are also other features that diamond buyers may provide that could persuade you to choose one over the other. Figure out what is most important to you during this transaction to find the best diamond buyer.

Research The Diamond Buyers

Customer reviews are one way to find out how a diamond buyer is perceived throughout the industry. These reviews will also give you insight on the diamond buyer’s process from a similar perspective. There are also business accreditation websites like the Better Business Bureau that will allow you to see any disputes that the diamond buyer had. By looking into these things, you will be able to gauge how the diamond buyer treats their customers and whether or not their service is something that you are interested in. This will allow you to see what diamond buyers meet your criteria and can further select the best diamond buyer for you.

See What Each Diamond Buyer Offers

Now that you have narrowed down your selection based on reputation, see what each diamond buyer has to offer that matches what you are looking for. While some things were mentioned above, there are other factors that should contribute to your decision. Insurance value is one thing that you definitely need to look for. Anything can happen during the shipping process, so make sure that the diamond buyer that you use has an insurance value that will cover the cost of your jewelry. There is also an average payout that can be found for some diamond buyers. We all want to make the most money when selling something so the average payout can give you an idea of what they are willing to pay. The unique features that the diamond buyers offer are what many people use as a deciding factor when looking for the best diamond buyers.

The overall reputation of a diamond buyer can show you how others feel about their service, along with how they are perceived. From here, it just depends on what you want from the transaction that will determine the best diamond buyer.

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