Earn Cash For Diamonds From Our Diamond Buyers

Earn Cash For Diamonds From Our Diamond Buyers Whether you have multiple loose diamonds or an engagement ring that you want to get rid of, the diamond buyers listed on our site will be your best option when looking to earn cash for diamonds. There are many reasons why selling diamonds online will earn you more money and we will show you why, along with how easy it can be to sell your jewelry. Don’t waste your time with pawnshops and jewelers who will pay you next to nothing, read below to find out how to earn more cash for diamonds.

GuaranteeYear In
Instant QuoteShipping Method
#1Diamond Buyers Intl.$5,000A+30 Days11 YearsYesFedEx
#2WP DiamondsActual ValueA+None4 YearsNoFedEx

How Our Diamond Buyers Pay More

Pawnshops and jewelers run retail stores where they resell products that they have purchased from customers. These stores can costs a lot to operate and maintain, while only reaching a local market. Online diamond buyers are able to reach a larger audience through their websites and do not have the burden of running a retail store. While this is a large reason for higher payouts, by specializing in diamonds and precious metals they can offer a better service that contributes to the low costs. Resources and tools that allow them to give accurate valuations, reduces mistakes while allowing them to offer more money with confidence that they will remain profitable. Add in a highly trained staff and you can see how online diamond buyers are able to offer more money to their customers.

Selling Jewelry Online Is Easy

If you have sold jewelry to a pawnshop or jeweler before, then you likely did not have the experience you were looking for, mainly due to the lack of money that you received. When selling jewelry online, you never even have to leave your home and the offer will always be the highest, so no negotiating will take place. Just print your free shipping label and carefully package your items in a box or envelope. Now you can simply ship the package to the buyer and they will contact you within a couple of business days with their offer. Depending on the various methods of payment that they offer, you could receive your money in your bank account within just a few minutes of accepting their valuation. This makes it very easy to sell jewelry online and it is definitely the best way to earn the most cash for diamonds.

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