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Sell DiamondsThe diamond buyers list on our website have been providing people with an alternative way to sell their diamond and jewelry. Most people sell their jewelry to a pawnshop and most people are also disappointed with the money that they received in exchange. With others not trusting the authenticity of jewelry that is sold online, it can also make I hard to sell privately. The last option you now have is to use an online diamond buyer and while some may be unfamiliar with this at the start, they usually come back to sell more jewelry because of the benefits it provides.

GuaranteeYear In
Instant QuoteShipping Method
#1Diamond Buyers Intl.$5,000A+30 Days11 YearsYesFedEx
#2WP DiamondsActual ValueA+None4 YearsNoFedEx

Below are brief reviews on the top two ranked diamond buyers on our site. We have sold jewelry to both of these diamond buyers multiple times and can honestly say that they will treat you right. If you plan on sell jewelry online, then this is a good place to start, as we are sure you will be satisfied when working with these diamond buyers.

#1 – Diamond Buyers International Review

DBI has been in business for a long time now. Their experience in this industry allows them to know what customers are looking for out of their transaction, along with how much money they can payout to remain profitable. This has allowed them to keep having customers return because the payouts cannot be matched by anyone else. DBI is highly recommended and we are positive that you will have a great experience when selling jewelry to DBI.


#2 – White Pine Diamonds

WP Diamonds is another organization that has prided itself on offering customers a great experience when selling their jewelry. One thing that draws many people to WP Diamonds is that they insure their packages for the actual value of your jewelry. This allows you to feel safe when selling large amounts of jewelry and diamonds at once. By having offices located all around the globe, they cater to anyone looking to earn cash for their jewelry.

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