Online Diamond Appraisals

Online Diamond AppraisalMany people who are interested in selling their diamonds want to have their diamonds appraised before deciding on whether or not they want to go ahead and sell them. Jewelers are likely the most common place that people o to get their diamonds appraised, but this likely will not be your best option. While many jewelers will provide honest appraisals, some may appraise diamonds for low amounts if they feel the owner needs to sell their jewelry. This leads people to be unsure of what the actual value of their diamonds are and can make things complicated.



Online Diamond Appraisal

The #1 diamond buyer on our website, Diamond Buyers International, has a page on their website where you can enter some basic information and receive a free appraisal.

DBI Diamond Appraisal

This feature allows you to get a value for your diamonds or diamond jewelry and then have some time to think over the decision of whether or not you want to sell your diamonds. When filling out the form, try to provide them with as much information as you can about your diamonds. This will give them the best chance of providing an accurate diamond valuation.

Because diamonds are hard to accurately value without seeing the diamond, it is still a good idea to have it appraised at a jeweler and get a second opinion. By having the diamond in front of them, they can use magnifying tools to get a better look at your diamond.

From our experience, the diamonds that we have sold to Diamond Buyers International, have been sold for a price that is very close to the appraisal that we received from them prior to sending in our diamond. DBI is very knowledgeable in this industry and their experienced staff members have always provided us with excellent valuations and high payouts.

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