Best Diamond Buyers

Best Diamond BuyersAs more people see the money that they can receive from cash for diamond buyers, the question “Who is the best diamond buyer?” is becoming more and more common. There is no one answer to that question because each person is looking for something different in a diamond buyer. While some might look toward earning the most cash for diamonds as possible, others may be willing to accept less cash for their diamonds if they can get the money quicker. Many sellers can feel uncomfortable sending such valuable items through the mail and may more interested in working with an organization that will provide them with outstanding customer service so that they know their valuables are being taken care of. There are a variety of other factors that diamond sellers will use to determine the best diamond buyers and it would be difficult to determine who is best.


GuaranteeYear In
Instant QuoteShipping Method
#1Diamond Buyers Intl.$5,000A+30 Days11 YearsYesFedEx
#2WP DiamondsActual ValueA+None4 YearsNoFedEx


Where to find the best diamond buyers?

Review sites are a good place to begin finding the best diamond buyers. Our site has reviewed and ranked who we have considered to be the best diamond buyers based on criteria that many people use when selling diamonds online. Start by looking at what we have to say in our reviews and find the diamond buyer that is best for you.

Here are some of the criteria that we judged each diamond buyer on and put the leader of some categories below

Best Diamond Buyer Payout

White Pine Diamonds

White Pine Diamonds offered us the most money for out test diamond that was sent into each diamond buyer. Many of the offers were similar, but no one was able to match their price and the wide range of valuations that we received on the items surprised us. The price that a diamond buyer is willing to pay will depend on each organization’s business and how much they can offer while remaining profitable. With WP Diamonds being a global organization, they likely receive more diamonds than many other diamond buyers and can lower their costs and pass some saving off to the customer. If you are someone who is looking to earn the most cash for diamonds, then White Pine Diamonds would be a great option.

Best Diamond Buyer Customer Service

Diamond Buyers International

It was no surprise to us that Diamond Buyers International offered us excellent customer service. They have been working in the diamond industry for quite a while now and organizations in service industries do not last long without great customer service. The way we determined excellent customer service was through the amount of time it took for each diamond buyers to respond to our emails asking question on the diamond selling process. Diamond Buyers International was one of the quickest to respond to our emails and seemed more than happy to assist us when we called on the phone. I mentioned earlier how many people can be a little weary of sending diamonds in the mail, but after talking with Diamond Buyers International, you would feel confident knowing that you are working with a diamond buyer that values excellent customer service.

Best Diamond Buyer Valuation Time

White Pine Diamonds

The best diamond buyers usually give you a shipping label that will allow them to receive your diamonds in about three business days. With the diamond buyers receiving our packages in a similarly timely manner, we thought it was important to see how long it took from there to receive a valuation. Again, White Pine Diamonds stood out and we received the valuation in the same day that the diamond were received. With WP Diamonds being such a large organization, we were very pleased with this and it tells us a lot about how they run their business. Not only did we receive the valuation quickly, but we also had the option to receive the money in a bank account of our choice that same day. While the time it takes to get a valuation can vary depending on the amount of diamonds a diamond buyer receives, we were very pleased with WP Diamonds.

These are some of the categories that we ranked the best diamond buyers in. Things can always change so it is important for you to research the diamond buyer that you are working with. Some other factors that may be important for you to look for in a diamond buyer are the amount of insurance value that they provide and what their policy on returns is. I mentioned earlier that each person will look for something different out of their transaction. This makes it very difficult to determine who is the best diamond buyer.

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