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Diamonds are a mineral renowned for their superlative qualities and for their immense value, heavily sought out by people and are one of the most expensive materials in the market today. Mainly used for fashion as an accessory for men and women, diamonds have been a part human history for thousands of years. Many people pay cash for diamond jewelry so they can have the chance to wear the diamonds as a fashion statement.

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Ancient people value the diamond immensely; Indian culture is one of the first civilizations to have used the diamond as an accessory to beauty. Throughout the written history of mankind, the diamond has been one of the most revered minerals and has been the center of religious worship. This reverence to the diamond has been passed on from generation to generation and even today people are seeing this mineral as the epitome of perfection.

Diamonds are mined from under the Earth and found mainly in Africa, Australia and India. This is due to the deposits of diamonds being more abundant in those regions. Outside of these areas, diamonds are extracted, graded and readied for shipping to various countries.

Diamonds are graded into two categories, gem-grade and industrial grade. Gem-grade is known as diamonds that are suitable for gem making.  Diamonds that are gem-grade are shipped directly to diamond cutting centers like Antwerp, which produces 50% of the world’s cut diamonds, making it the worlds’ diamond cut capital.

Those diamonds that are not gem-grade are categorized as industrial grade, which is mainly used for cutting and grinding equipment. Due to their hardness, diamonds are perfect for cutting blades, drill bits and grinders. It is a fact that diamond is the hardest mineral on Earth.

Today, people are spending millions in cash for diamond jewelry, either for personal purposes or for profit, and the diamond business is booming. Investors pay cash for diamond jewelry mainly due to immense demand for the product. Ordinary individuals are also paying cash for diamond jewelry because is it fashionable and is one of the status setters in society. A person with a full diamond accessory is generally of a higher status and as people continue to pay, the diamond business will always be booming.

Diamonds are always associated with fashion, beauty and elegance. For centuries people are attracted to the gorgeous luster of diamonds and have regarded it as a perfect gift from the heavens. One can see why ancient people strive hard to acquire such an exquisite stone as its magnetic appeal can be felt even today. Diamonds are a woman’s dream and a man’s way of winning her heart. As unbreakable diamonds are, its legacy will surely stand the test of time.

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