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If your diamond is certified, then it already has an established value. When you sell certified diamonds, you need to use an online buyer that is not only a leader in the industry but one that also has a pristine reputation to get the maximum worth. If you need the money right away, you may be tempted to use a consignment shop, retail shop or sell by auction, but you may actually end up waiting for weeks or potentially months before finding a possible buyer. The ideal way to sell certified diamonds is to a direct buyer with a safe, simple and fair transaction.

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#1Diamond Buyers Intl.$5,000A+30 Days11 YearsYesFedEx
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A brilliant diamond with superb cut and few flaws will be of great value. The ability to reflect light is one of the factors that contribute to its brilliance. Tiny flashes, sparkles, or scintillation is the refraction of light when a diamond is moved through a light source and a positive attribute when calculating worth.

A diamond is cut in a very precise manner to maximize its fire and scintillation. Diamonds that are well cut will have numerous facets with correct angles and proportions to enable the light to bounce around. The refraction that causes the scintillation is the light entering a diamond and bending around the diamond facets. The size, symmetry and the amount of the facets will all affect the brilliance of a diamond.

When a diamond is certified, grades are provided for polish and symmetry of the diamond and an overall cut grade is given.  As a result of its cut, the diamond cut grade will indicate the quality of a diamond’s brilliance, from excellent to poor. Diamond cut is crucial to fire and scintillation effects.

As another major contributor to the price of a diamond, the less color in a diamond or the higher color rating, the more valuable a diamond will be. Diamond color is graded on an alphabetical scale from D-Z. An absolutely colorless diamond will be represented with the letter ‘D’. A grade of ‘Z’ indicates a diamond being light yellow. Beyond the grade ‘Z’, a diamond is regarded as exotic, or ‘Fancy’ color.

The flaws of a diamond consist of the appearance of tiny crystals, feathers or clouds, also knows as inclusions. These affect its clarity. There are five categories in class that are used when grading clarity:

  • FL (Flawless) – IF (Internally Flawless)


Flawless Diamonds reveal no surface or internal flaws are more rare and the most beautiful gems. An internally flawless diamond will reveal no inclusions and only have insignificant blemishes on the surface under 10x magnification.

  • VVS1 – VVS2 (Very, Very Slightly Included)


These are diamonds of excellent quality and it is very difficult to see inclusions under 10x magnification.

  • VS1 – VS2 (Very Slightly Included)


The inclusions of diamonds graded in this category can only be seen by looking through a 10X loupe, as it is nearly impossible for them to be seen with the naked eye. These are less expensive diamonds than the VVS1 or VVS2 grades.

  • SI1 – SI3 (Slightly Included)


While finding flaws in diamonds of this category with the naked eye is difficult, the inclusions can easily be identified under 10x magnification. Depending on the location of the inclusions in the diamond, these gems maintain their integrity.

  • I1 – I3 (Included)


These diamonds have inclusions, which may or may not be seen easily by the naked eye. The flaws on the jewels from this category will have some effect on the brilliance of the diamond.

The final attribute to the value of a diamond is its carat weight, not size. This means, two diamonds of the same weight could be of different size. This occurs if, for example, a diamond is cut shallow, it will have a larger diameter with a smaller depth.

Furthermore, if a diamond is cut deep, it will have a smaller diameter, appearing smaller from the top.

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