Online Cash for Diamonds Consumer Report & Reviews

Getting the best price for your unwanted diamonds can be a tricky ordeal. Sifting through all the online diamond dealers can be overwhelming.

If you’re looking to sell your diamonds online, there are a lot of online dealers willing to give you cash for your diamonds.  We’re here to help you pick the best.  Ideally, the best diamond selling process would include a fair quote from a diamond expert, secure shipping, quick payout, and diamond-back guarantee.  We’ve taken the time to compare the top 5 online diamond dealers in the industry.  We work to ensure you’re able to get the most cash for your diamonds while working with a reputable diamond buyer

The best online diamond buyers we could find are listed below. Read our reviews and and information so you can get the most cash for your gold and diamonds.

Our FREE Online Diamonds Buyer Company Reports include:

BBB Rating: How trustworthy is the company?

Insurance: How much is your package insured for when sending it?

Return Period: How long does it take for you to get paid?

Shipping: What service do they use? Do they provide you with everything you need?

Instant Quote: Does the company offer an instant estimate of your diamond’s value? Were they responsive?

GuaranteeYear In
Instant QuoteShipping Method
#1Diamond Buyers Intl

$5,000A+30 Days11 yrsYesFedEx
#2WP Diamonds

White Pine Diamonds
Actual ValueA+None4 yrsNoFedEx
#3cash for diamonds usa

$5,000A+10 (14) Business Days37 yrsNoFedEx